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Ramsey’s Bio

Therisa (Ramsey) Bennett  was born to a band of “Gypsies” in Las Vegas.  At the age of 4 she began to petition to live with her Athabascan Grandmother and Screaming Eagle WW2 vet Grandfather in North Pole Alaska.  Ramsey was blessed to spend most of her childhood with them in a cabin on the banks of the Chena River.  It was during the secluded long winters that she taught herself to sing, mimic voices and draw.

At age 18 she moved to LA and started a 20yr career of singing in cover band circuits, moving everywhere between Fairbanks and Vegas.  During this time she was able to raise an amazing daughter and acquire a BA of Art with a minor in Theatre from UAF.

In the most recent decade, she has settled down, began working in radio, married the man of her dreams and gave birth to two more children. Working part time at KXLR and part time from her home recording studio, “Therisa Bennett” can be hired through VOICES.COM.

Ramsey can still be seen on stage during the summer season singing and doing the Can Can at the Palace Theatre in Alaskaland.  And, whenever possible she will perform with Fairbanks Light Opera Theatre where she was seen most recently as the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz.

When there is spare time between family, work, church and theatre, Ramsey picks up a paintbrush.  Some of her commissioned work has been in large window splashes such as that on the front of Friends Community Church.  Currently she is working on a very special dog portrait and the illustration of a children’s book.

Coke vs Pepsi- Coke!.. in a frosty, cold glass with lots of ice please!

Reality show or sitcom- Sitcom, if I want to watch a train wreck Ill turn on the news.

Favorite place you have visited-  Venice, Italy

Favorite local store- Value Village to satisfy my hoarding tendencies and the new Fairbanks Co-op Market for groceries

Dumbest thing you ever did-  Moving back to LA in my 30s to start an acting career…without a boob job!!

What scares you- Crevasses and bears…why do I live here?

Best sitcom ever- Friends

Best sport to watch- Any sport one of my children are playing

Ever need stitches-if so where and why-  I have given birth 3 times, nuff said.

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