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Glenners Bio

Glenner is the morning host of The X-Rock Morning Show live fromCrapper CreekAlaska. Along with his wife Maria of 20+ years they have raised two children in Alaska-Mason and daughter Ryan. Glenner also performs as a professional stand up comic as well as teaching Ultimate Frisbee class at the University of Alaska.


Where are you from? Fairbanks (Im a “St Joe”)

Favorite place you have visited- Majorca Spain

Favorite Band: The Clash

Best Concert you ever saw: Snoop Dogg

Best gift you ever received- A piece of the Parquet Floor from the original Boston Garden

Dumbest thing you ever did- Licked a metal light pole… in January…twice

Night lite or completely dark- I like to sleep with strobe lights

One word that best describes you- “Bitchin”

Best topping for pizza-Alaska Blueberries….cmon, they go with everything…

What scares you- clowns

Best sitcom ever- Seinfeld

Best sport to watch- Ultimate Frisbee

Worst movie ever- “Cant Stop The Music”  The village People Story (as voted on last year by the X-Rock listeners…)

Best super hero- Silver Surfer

Flip flops or strappy sandals- Flip Flops

Best comfort food is-  Beer

The hobby you are good at is-Golf

Favorite ice cream is- Pistachio…

My advice to a 5 year old would be- Don’t lick metal poles…in January

Ever need stitches-yes-too many to mention….

Best cartoon ever- Johnny Quest

Tent, cabin or camper? …cave

Who should play you in a movie version of your life- Meryl Streep….

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