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Steve”Pinky”Floyd’s Bio


A former interrogator for the U.S. Army, Steve’s hobbies include extracting information from uncooperative sources, and speaking foreign languages (Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish & French), as well as running 25 miles every week. Steve and his wife Erin have 5 boys (Zachary, David, Nicolas, Gabriel, & William) and two girls (Rachel & Kailyn). They live in downtown Fairbanks, and Erin home schools the brood.


Where are you from? Phoenix, AZ

 Reality show or sitcom?- My life IS the Addams family…

 Big Mac or Whopper- I like to have it MY way.

 Favorite place you have visited- Prague, Czech Republic OR Casablanca, Morocco

 Favorite local store- Big Ray’s. ALWAYS wish I had more money to spend…

 Coke or pepsi- Is there anything BUT the Real Thing?

 Fav car- Late 80s Suburban. I NEED a tank.

 Best gift you ever received- My 7th son.

 Dumbest thing you ever did- Went to the men’s room after handling jalapenos…

 Night lite or completely dark- I wear a MASK to keep the light out!

 One word that best describes you- Ecclectic.

 Best topping for pizza- Raw egg.

 What scares you- Thinking about my daughters in a few years, when boys come around.

 Best sitcom ever- Addams Family

 Best sport to watch- Basketball. Go Suns!

 Worst movie ever- Fatal Attraction

 Best super hero- Batman. A regular guy gone vigilante? OH YEAH!

 Apples or oranges- McIntosh, of course.

 Flip flops or strappy sandals- Birkenstocks. My wife hid them. Grrr.

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